OH MY…Are we up for the challenge…of blogging!

Challenges stretch you! At least that is what I tell my students. So I am going to rise to the occasion and stretch myself (and of course my students as well). We have officially joined the Student Blogging Challenge. We are learning to post our thoughts and ideas for a world wide audience to view. (They will be safe!) We need your help to complete this challenge. Please leave your comments and input and remember to be positive and patient. This will help us become better writers and we will need you to be open, honest, and helpful.

We want to improve our writing and deepen our thoughts and understanding about a variety of topics. Collaboration with students from all of the world will hopefully help us accomplish our goal and complete the CHALLENGE.
Challenge 1 has already started and I am already seeing stars attempting to make sure I do it all correctly. Please bare with us and check back often as our goal will be to give you a little window into our class as we explore our world this year. We will start with me posting and students commenting only. I will post questions that will allow the class to share what they have learned, how they are feeling, and where they think we should go next.

My goal is to help improve my students writing process and create thoughtful writers. I am also hoping to introduce them to new cultures and experiences from around the world with this challenge. Finally, I am hoping to improve – my writing, my teaching, and my blogging skills.

Again please visit often. We are so excited and can’t wait to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “OH MY…Are we up for the challenge…of blogging!

  1. Hi Mrs. Davis-Louis,
    You are right! Challenges do extend you. I have started my blog earlier this year and I had the same thoughts as you. As the year has progressed, I have learned more and tried to be more adventurous. We are getting there!

    I have joined the “blogging challenge” as well. 2T are on school holidays at the moment but once they return we hope to have some “guest bloggers”. This is my next step.

    I hope you enjoy the challenges ahead. We would love to have you visit our blog.

  2. Guest bloggers sound fun and exciting. We are looking forward to reading your blog and seeing how the guest blogging turns out. Maybe one day we will be ready to your guest. I hope that you will continue to visit.

    My class would like to know if you would explain the concept of “2T”? We have grades and would like to know who they are similar and/or different?

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  4. Hello!
    I am visiting you through the link on the Blogging Challenge site. I think it’s wonderful that you and your class will be blogging. It has really helped my students learn to formulate sentences better and to express their ideas well. The blogging challenge is exciting to be a part of because it helps us see what other classes are doing and how they use their blogs. It’s also fun to make blogging friends!
    Good luck with your class!
    Ms. Tatiana

  5. Thank you for joining the classroom challenge! We are excited to continue to follow your blog throughout the school year. We are another fourth grade classroom (just like you guys!) but we are down south in Atlanta. Can’t wait to hear what’s in store for you all this year!

  6. Thank you so much for the encouragement. We are excited and looking forward to meeting new classes and learning amazing things. We are adjusting to a new schedule and will taking it a day at a time but I’m hopeful we will be in the swing of blogging. I am hoping that blogging will have a positive effect on my students’ writing. That is my goal! Looking forward to blogging with your class. ~Mrs. Davis-Louis

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